• Slim design for installations on very narrow staircases
  • Special drive system allows inside and outside curves with small curve radius
  • Robust outdoor lifts with rail length up to 85m
  • Available in any RAL colour
  • Rail and platform covers can be made from stainless steel
  • Display for programming of functions, status output and failure detection

The Omega platform lift is the most versatile lift on the market. The very compact and space saving design allows the unit to be installed in almost any staircase and results in a minimal obstruction for passers-by.

Each platformlift perfectly blends into its surrounding thanks to the choice of different colours and materials for rails and the platform.



  • One of the slimmest platform stairlifts on the market
  • Compact design allows installations on very narrow staircases
  • Different platform sizes are possible
  • Available in all RAL colours and in stainless steel version
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Available as indoor and outdoor version

The Delta is the perfect solution for straight indoor and outdoor staircases. An elegant design, a very slim construction, as well as a silent operation are the striking features of the Delta. With its appealing design the lift perfectly fits into any surrounding.

The Delta is fast and easy to install. Its simple but ingenious platform mechanics are easy to understand and require a minimum of maintenance.

Stairlift for curved staircases

Chair stairlifts are an economic and simple way to climb staircases in your home. Easy to install, they do not need any structural changes on your staircase.

Our Alpha stairlift has a compact and elegant seat design and a very narrow rail system that occupies minimum space on the staircase. Thanks to its stable twin rail system the lift provides the user with a soft and quiet ride up and down the stairs.

Wheelchair Lift for Airplane Access


  • Perfect solution for mobile lifting requirements up to 1400 mm
  • Designed specifically for train access
  • For inside and outside use
  • Available in all RAL colours
  • Low weight allows easy transport on wheels between locations

The vertical lifting platform PL1400 is specifically designed for the lifting/lowering of wheelchair drivers to/from train carriages.

It is a modern and technically advanced product with easy operation thanks to its design and light construction.

The platform is equipped with width adjustable foldable ramps, which size can be adjusted to the width of the particular train carriage doors.



  • No assistance required – independent access to pools
  • No unterwater fixing required
  • Elegant design in stainless steel
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Runs on 4 bar household water pressure

Regain autonomous access to your pool! The poollift Dolphin is a valuable aid to get you in or out of a swimming pool without the need for any assisting person.

No underwater installation is necessary. The lift is only fixed 1 time minimum 300mm away from the pool edge.

No need for any electrical installation or battery use. The poollift runs on 4 bar household water pressure only!

Operating levers at the upper as well as at the lower level allow simple operation of the unit. The height adjustable seat turns automatically 90° when lowering or rising.

This poollift is very easy to install (and also to demount for storage matters) and is made from high grade (316S) stainless steel!

Wheelchair Lift for Airplane Access


- DELTA platform stairlift adapted for aircraft boarding of people with reduced mobility.

- For all TIPS telescopic passenger stairs.

- Travels along the staircase regardless of the degree of telescopic staircase extension or the tilt, which is a worldwide innovation.

- Modular design of the lifter, stored on the passengerstair itself; quickly assembled and ready for operation.

- Smooth and stepless travelling of the lift, as well asslowing down when approaching disembarkation position.

- Sensors for detection of obstacles on the stairway provide immediate lift stop.

- Operated by only one operator with a special console, which allows the operator to walk behind the lift dueto additional safety for the passenger.

                                          LEHNER LIFTTECHNIK PRODUCTS RANGE

Our high quality products are used all around the world to overcome architectural barriers and improve the lives for wheelchair users and other mobility challenged people.

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